More Poets, Fewer Lawyers…Poems by Amy Brunvard



“Cairn of the Wasatch,” oil on canvas, 1993, 40 1/2″ x 60 1/2″ by Mary Donahue.

Someone has undone the entropy
Of stones and stacked them into tidy piles
That march like garden gnomes along the way.
Supposedly they’re built to mark a trail
That leads somewhere but that does not account
For this place where a spiral dance of cairns
Has circled round, where little towers sprout
From naked rock in great proliferation
Like living things.  The human hands that carried
Each new cobble offered to these shrines
Were surely working at the whim of fairies,
Sometimes guiding, sometimes leading on
The hikers travelling through, a puckish trap
For people who forgot to read the map.



Do not run with scissors.

When you burn coal
do it far away
from where I live.

Do not eat these ducks:
Common Goldeneye,
Northern Shoveler,
Cinnamon Teal

(even though it sounds like toast)
unless you want to end up
like the Mad Hatter
drinking tea with rodents.

"Canyon Memory Shrine II", oil on canvas with wood and rock. 5" x 11" x 2 1/4” by Mary Donahue.

“Canyon Memory Shrine II”, oil on canvas with wood and rock. 5″ x 11″ x 2 1/4” by Mary Donahue.

Do not turn beavers
into top hats.
Let them build their dams
as wetlands can absorb
heavy metal
which sounds like music
even though ingesting it
causes people to lie
in a mute semi-rigid posture
broken only by episodes of crying.

Do not confuse mercury
with Wednesday
even if you feel like crying
while you sit at work
in a mute semi-rigid posture
staring at your computer
reading about poisoned ducks.





Amy Brunvard.

Amy Brunvand is a librarian, writer, and part-time nature mystic from Salt Lake City, Utah.  She agrees with Edward Abbey that the environmental movement needs more poets and fewer lawyers (even though some of her best friends are lawyers).


Mary Donahue (Artist) is Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at Chadron State College, Chadron Nebraska.





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