POKING THROUGH THE RUINS #1 “The Thompson Springs Railroad Depot”

Without fanfare, it was reported recently that the Union Pacific railroad had torn down the old depot in Thompson Springs, Utah, 35 miles north of Moab. The station hadn’t been used in years and had fallen into disrepair, though it still seemed structurally sound when I wandered into the old station and took these photographs in June 2014. Thompson Springs was the last ‘flagstop’ on the Amtrak line. In the late 1990s, the station was shut down and passengers were required to catch the train in Green River.

In mid-January crews started removing asbestos and demolishing the old station. By February, it was just another pile of debris…JS


Exterior and Interior views of the Thompson Springs Railroad Depot in June 2014.

thompsonRR-001 thompsonRR2-001 thompsonRR3-001 thompsonRR6-001 thompsonRR8-001 thompsonRR9-001 thompsonRR5-001 thompsonRR-knouff-001*Longtime Moabite TERRY KNOUFF was on the Amtrak Zephyr, hoping to take a few photographs of the old depot. This is what he found instead.


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