For almost twenty years, the “DOG OF THE MONTH” was one of The Zephyr’s most popular regular features. When the print version ended, so did the dogs, but now we’ve been thinking it’s time for a Renaissance of sorts, with one notable change.

Previously, we limited our nominees to canines, but we feel that in 2018 it’s time for more species diversity. Also we fear accusations of prejudice and bigotry if it appears we are favoring one species over another. Species discrimination cannot and will not be tolerated here at The Zephyr.

Therefore we open the competition to ALL animals that are “bone” fide pets or masters of the humans with whom they reside. Please send all entries to us here at The Zephyr:

You must include photographs of the nominee (photos of the human are optional) along with a short bio and the reasons why you think your animal deserves recognition.

However, please note that the winning entry will still be awarded “DOG OF THE MONTH” status for historical and sentimental reasons…



It was with great surprise and joy that Santo and I were recently informed that he had won the Zephyr’s “Dog of the Month Lifetime Achievement Award,” which I believe they are calling “Dog of the Month.” (We know better. It’s the “Lifetime Achievement Award.”) Since he has only been on the planet for 6 months, he is fully aware of what a big deal this is and he wanted me to let the distinguished award panel know this.

He also would love to convey his gratitude, but he is too busy at this moment sleeping off the earlier rugby scrum he was involved in at the small dog run in Washington Square Park, here in cloudy Greenwich Village.

Some of you may recall a column in the Zephyr about my previous dog, Elko. I waited for two years and four months until Star Command sent me a replacement. He dropped into the world via San Antonio, Texas, which is across the fold on the road atlas, so I consider him a proper western dog. He is learning the ropes here, in Gotham City, and we hope to hit the road soon for his first big cross country trip. 3 months ago, he was 5 pounds. He has doubled in size, to 10 pounds. At this rate, I’ll need to get him his own RV soon.

If this were a resume, I’d have to list his interests as “eating, playing, chewing things, and sleeping.” He also likes to watch ants crawl on the sidewalk and he has an active social life.

Thanks again to Jim and Tonya for this great honor.




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1 comment for “DOG OF THE MONTH: SANTO!

  1. Lisa Ceniceros
    June 25, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    Santo is darling!
    I’d like to nominate my late Grandpa Hardwater’s late dog, Snoopy, who were both still around when the print version was! I’ll have to find a picture. Hardwater and Snoopy were inseparable. Within a few days of my Grandpa Hardwater’s passing, Snoopy disappeared never to be seen again. Snoopy went with Hardwater everywhere, he even had his own stool next to Grandpa’s at the cafe lol

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