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(SPACE.COM) ‘Slaughterbots’ Video Depicts a Dystopian Future of Autonomous Killer Drones

From the article:

A graphic new video posits a very scary future in which swarms of killer microdrones are dispatched to kill political activists and US lawmakers. Armed with explosive charges, the palm-sized quadcopters use real-time data mining and artificial intelligence to find and kill their targets.


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(KSL) California couple gets married on space net suspended over Moab canyon


MOAB — Suspended 400 feet over the stark beauty of a Moab canyon, California couple Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin tied the knot and said “I do.”

The adventurous couple fell in love surrounded by the red rocks of the Utah desert and thought it only proper to seal the deal in the same place after getting engaged on a space net in Moab the year before, according to their wedding photographer’s Instagram post.


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So…this is what happens when I try to post some basic information. And I offer this as just one example…

The other day, the Deseret News printed a short essay of mine called “Bears Ears: Facts & Misconceptions.” It was a summary of the 30,000 words I’ve written on the issue of Bears Ears NM.…/Op-ed-Bears-Ears-2-missing-fa…

The fact is, long before the idea of a monument took hold, long before SUWA’s “Greater Canyonlands Monument” idea that went nowhere, long before the Bears Ears concept, and long before the Age of Trump, I worried about the exploitation of the area via designations like this. I have been concerned since 1989 that someday all of Southeast Utah would be overrun by an overblown, out-of-control tourist industry and amenities economy, with all the nightmares that go with it.

And in 1989, every environmentalist I knew agreed with me. Almost everybody else thought I was overreacting.

Have you been to Moab lately?

So I wrote the short essay and it was published. No one has challenged a single word in it.

BUT..instead of an honest discussion, I get messages and comments like this. Patrick Donnelly is the “Nevada State Director for the Center for Biological Diversity.” He writes:

Patrick Donnelly

“Stiles, you’ve officially crossed the bridge and are now giving comfort to Trump and Zinke and Hatch and the corporate swindlers who would rob us of our natural heritage. You don’t like Monuments because you don’t like industrial tourism, and I don’t disagree with you. But now you are parroting oil industry talking points and the same absurd rhetoric we hear from Lyman and co. Sad.”

So, for expressing views and stating facts regarding the ongoing debate, I’m now a parrot for the oil industry and a shill for Trump, Zinke and Hatch?

When was the last time the oil industry used the argument that there was “no commercially recoverable oil under Bears Ears” as a talking point?

Is the fact that ARPA supercedes the Antiquities Act an “oil industry talking point?”

Is the fact that Native Americans do NOT have any legal authority over the monument an “oil industry talking point?”

Is the fact that the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition inexplicably supports rock climbing in the monument an “oil industry talking point?” (other tribes across the West fight a never ending battle to protect sacred sites against the rock climbing community. Somehow at Bears Ears, it’s not an issue)

I find it hard to believe that ANY of the facts I raised in my article were “oil industry talking points.” But that was the best Mr. Donnelly could come up with.

And finally, Mr. Donnelly tried to shame me by suggesting I’m parroting the “absurd rhetoric of Lyman & Co.” I assume he’s talking about San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman.

Well, I have had some conversations with Phil and he and I disagree on many issues, and we agree on others. But we both took the time to hear what the other had to say, and we did it with mutual respect and civility. We both listened to each other and I found that refreshing. He is a decent man with a loving family and I admire him for that.

If that somehow makes me the Devil himself, then someone bring me my horns and my bifurcated tail.

As for all those good environmentalists who in 1989 worried about the effects of Industrial Tourism, before the Outdoor Industry took over their agenda and their souls, I wonder if their collective consciences ever talk to them…JS

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Early evening above 10,000 feet. Summer 2009


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GLEN CANYON DAM, under construction. 1959. by CHARLES KREISCHER


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The Friends of Cedar Mesa (FCM), a non-profit organization based in Bluff, Utah, has been a vocal and instrumental proponent of Bears Ears National Monument. FCM has repeatedly expressed concerns about the area’s 100,000 archaeological sites that it believes needs immediate protection via President Obama’s 2016  1.35 million acre monument designation.

Josh Ewing

FCM has also stated that increased visitation to the area is inevitable and has pushed for funding of a million dollar “Bears Ears Education Center” in Bluff.

But has Josh Ewing, FCM’s executive director “gone rogue?” And is he “only feeding off of FCM to pursue his own agenda?”

That is the opinion of an FCM board member. Sunday afternoon, The Zephyr received, from a third party, a copy of a draft internal memo to two FCM board members from a third board member (whose identities are being withheld for now).

The draft memo expresses concern about FCM’s recent “Kickstarter” fundraising campaign to generate revenues for the proposed  education center.

(Click the image to enlarge)

In the memo, the board member wrote:

“I have just reviewed the “FCM” Kickstarter Campaign.
I am totally repulsed (first word choice), disappointed, maddened, angered,  by two elements.”

…and specifically identifies two areas of concern:

“1-    The opening video seems to be all about Josh.   I took a tally.  Duct Tape and Beer mentioned themselves ONCE.  FCM was named TWICE.  Bears Ears was named FOUR x and JOSH was named 9x.  I think this to be wildly out of balance.   I don’t like the portrayal of our ED as a self-proclaimed ‘total badass.'”

“2-    A $10k price tag for a secret site hike with Josh?  This is the marketing strategy of Backpacker Magazine – “10 best secret hikes in Utah!” and worse..

I am NOT willing to have FCM be seen as an organization willing to sell secret sites to $10,000 donors.”

(Click the image to enlarge)

The FCM board member noted that the Kickstarter campaign—

“…points to the need AGAIN to require some board oversite (sic) of all media productions.  This has been an ongoing PROBLEM.  We had the Josh climbing into a site Patagonia film, the big snafu with the Kane Gulch exhibit which cost FCM $15,000, the current BLM Kane Gulch ranger station video approval, the almost non-use of Celebrate Cedar Mesa as the heading for last year’s Celebrate Cedar Mesa event and who knows how many other little things.”

The board member concluded:

“I can honestly say that I do not trust Josh to make the correct media decisions to put FCM in the best light…Josh seems to have gone roque and is only feeding off of FCM to pursue his own agenda…..which is not totally in FCMs best interest.”

Regarding its fundraising campaign, and its special prize for anyone who will contribute $10,000, here’s how it reads on their Kickstarter page:

“Secret Bears Ears Hike with Josh Ewing

“For a pledge of $10,000, you will receive a guided hike with Josh Ewing—someone who knows the secrets of Bears Ears. Trust us. We have done it. This pledge level is also thanked with your name in Even Bigger Then [sic] XXL size on the Donor’s Wall of Honor in the Education Center, a beautiful 24×36 print of an image on canvas, the warm fuzzies of building something real and a shareable digital supporter card.

“Does not include transportation to or lodging costs in Bluff, UT.”

Whether the board heeds its own member’s warnings remains to be seen.



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MOAB, UTAH 1955. By Brett Huelen. Main & Center Streets….

for more pics and Brett’s story: “Chasing the Uranium Dream”…/chasing-the-uranium-d…/


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