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(From the April/May Zephyr) News Flash: Right Wing Fires Scientific Tradition… by Scott Thompson


A danger we may face with the new red-state led Congress is that over time we’ll become so tired of their banality and the din of their rhetoric that we’ll tune them out, progressively ignoring their destructive initiatives on behalf of the most privileged people anywhere; especially regarding our climate. So let’s look at what the red-state kids have stirred up in their first month on the job leading Congress. Right out of the chute they haven’t been kidding around.

The new Senate has voted against confirming that human activity is “significantly contributing” to climate change, even though that’s what credible climate scientists overwhelmingly believe and it’s also what informed people virtually everywhere know (if you ask me, I think the aliens know it, too). This vote means that our Senate, the most powerful legislative body on our blue Earth, refuses to take a leadership role on the most crucial issue of our time. I hope people everywhere remember this vote and don’t forget the indifference it reveals.


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