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KEMMERER PD INCIDENT REPORT: KPD151186…A complaint from Rebecca Davidson…April 10, 2015

NOTE: This is a short excerpt from the Zephyr article, “What’s Past Is Prologue—Three Small Towns & Their Common Bond, City Manager Rebecca Davidson. (A link to the entire article can be found at the bottom of this page)  Also included here, as a result of a recent FOIA request by The Zephyr, is an un-redacted  Kemmerer Wyoming City Police Department incident report,  from April 10, 2015.  It was released to The Zephyr by Police Chief Stacy Buck. The events described in this report occurred on the night that Ms. Davidson and Ms Tara Smelt left Kemmerer to move to Moab.  As reported below, tensions between many city residents and Davidson and Smelt had reached a fever pitch…


By the time Davidson accepted her new position in Moab, debate about Kemmerer’s departing city manager had reached a fever pitch. One Kemmerer-based facebook page called ‘South Lincoln Freeman’ became a gathering place for supporters and opponents of Davidson. The comments were so intense, angry and emotional, I could find nothing substantive and worthy of printing, from either the Pro- or Anti-Davidson constituencies. But clearly, the town had been badly divided over decisions made by Davidson and the city council.

Inflaming public sentiment even more, the city’s parks and recreation director, April Corwin, was placed on administrative leave on March 10 and terminated on March 18. Two days later, the City of Moab signed a contract to hire Rebecca Davidson. In fact, for  two weeks, Davidson was almost certain she was Moab-bound.

Here is the police report: KPD 151186

AND NOTE: An Editorial Comment & Disclaimer from The Zephyr…


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KPD-AP10-15A“On April 10, 2015 at approximately 9:13 PM Officer Trenchard and I were dispatched to city hall for an unknown reason to meet with Rebecca Davidson the city administrator…she was very upset and stated she wanted some people removed from the city parking lot…Upon arrival I observed Rebecca Davidson, Tara Smelt and the computer consultant Niyo Pearson standing in the middle of the parking lot near a Penske moving truck.”


“Davidson said it was a good idea I showed up as she wanted to punch them in the face. I stated that would not have been a  good idea as it would have ended with her going to jail.”
“I then went over to speak to Smelt who had gotten in her car in preparation to drive away. Niyo was with her in the front seat with a box of computer cables. I asked Smelt if she was ok and she stated she was tired of ‘this fucking town’ and couldn’t wait to leave.”

KPD-AP10-15C“Rebecca stated that she left Maverik and went by her house and then to the  City Hall and that the truck followed her the whole time…We spoke with them (in the Gypsy truck) and told them to quit driving by Tara’s home and call it a night. Both agreed and Vean said she was going to her house. Sgt Kahre followed Rae Ann home.”

KPD-AP10-15D“On April 11, 2015 in the evening I went to check on the event center which was clearing out from the Muley Fanatic banquet. I spoke with Shauna Ridgeway and asked how the evening regards to Tara not being there to help her at the event center. Shauna, who  is friends with Tara, indicated she had texted and spoke with her earlier because of event center issues. During the conversation Tara indicated she had to leave town because she was threatened and that the events the night before included a gun. I asked for clarification and Shauna told me that Tara said she was threatened and that the people had a gun. I told her that I was never informed of a gun and Tara never mentioned a gun when I was around…I later called Sgt. Kahre and told him of the allegations and asked him if he was informed of a gun and he stated he was not. That had there been a mention of one we would have investigated that issue as well.”

“What’s Past is Prologue.” Three Small Towns & Their Common Bond–City Manager Rebecca Davidson…by Jim Stiles

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