Herb in Durango - 1948
In 1939, twenty-six year old Herb Ringer moved from New Jersey to start a new life in the American West. He settled in Reno, Nevada; in the half century since, Herb has traveled to the far corners of the Western United States hundreds of times, covering more than a million miles...and always with his camera.
Herb's photographs show the West in a quieter time, before the tourist revolution, before the migration of urbanites to small rural western towns, before interstate freeways and McDonald's and Denny's. Before mountain bikes and lycra and utility 4WD vehicles with power windows. Before the New West, there was the Old West. Herb's photographs are a chronicle of the last days of a bygone time.
Roosevelt, Utah - late 1940's
Camping out - 1950
Salt Lake City - 1952
Herb's 1948 Ford 'Woody'