"A personal favorite of mine is the Canyon Country Zephyr, based in Moab, Utah. Editor and publisher Jim Stiles has loaded this irreverent 
newspaper with enough good reporting to put metro papers to shame… the Zephyr tells it like it is. In Moab, the erstwhile outdoor recreational capitol of the interior West, the siren like allure of booming tourism has become, for many, a monster out of control."
   --Todd Wilkinson
     Lone Peak Lookout
     Bozeman, Montana 

     "(The Zephyr), a serious, but funny, bi-monthly offers the best insights we've seen into the problems of the Southwest starting with too many people trying to strike it rich in beautiful but poor country. Stiles has the courage to discuss the problems created by armies of invading tourists as well as the cancer left by earlier Moabites who came to Utah to make their fortunes."
   --Ed Randegger
     Environ Magazine
     Ft. Collins, Colorado 

     "Stiles wants to return to the good old days of Ed Abbey and economic depression. He has a closed mind when it comes to progress. "
   --Tom Shellenberger, Moab real estate agent
     Salt Lake City Magazine 

     "Stiles is a publisher of quintessential fair-mindedness: he disapproves of just about everyone. As far as landscape blights go, he places hoards of mountain bikers on a par with any oil rig. He prints columns by boneheaded radicals as well as the radically boneheaded. Stiles is an aggressive perpetrator of knowledge, a passionate defender of kindness and common sense, has a splendid sense of humor, and is a primo curmudgeon. The Canyon Country Zephyr might be the best local newspaper in the country."
   --David Swift
    Jackson Hole News
     Jackson, Wyoming 

     "Stiles publishes the Canyon Country Zephyr, a polished alternative newspaper. Reading the Zephyr can bring tourist guilt. Stiles can be as cantankerous as Abbey, calling for identification cards to be issued to longtime Moabites so they can secure tables reserved for locals during the tourist season."
   --Brian Marquard
     New York 

     "You say you could care less about what's going on in Moab, Utah? Read the Zephyr anyway. You'll get a lesson in how the media can analyze public policy without resorting to the boring outmoded notion of unbiased reporting. Besides the hand-drawn cartoons by Stiles will make you chuckle."
   --Barry Scholl
    Utah Outdoors
     Salt Lake City 

     "I can sum up the Zephyr in one word...crap."
   --Jimmie Walker
    Former Grand County Commissioner
     Moab, Utah

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