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The June/July content is done at this end and now Gary, the webmaster is working to post the issue online—we are shooting for Friday or Saturday. We’re experimenting with a non-Adobe based program that will allow you a second viewing option, but there are bugs to be worked out.
In the meantime, here are some of the stories you can expect to find when we post this issue:

* Stiles’ “CLIMATE CHANGE TEST”…is it REAL? Are you WORRIED? or can BUYING GREEN save the World?

* The Arches Sign that ED ABBEY made in 1956.

* The UPSIDE to the Great Recession (but who’s cheering?)

* COLLAPSE! Doug Meyer’s Primer on the Global Financial Crisis

* AUSTRALIA: “no wuckin’ furries!” (until Reality sets in) By Jim Stiles

* “MAN…CABEZA…STEEL” Tim Lengerich’s essay on the devastating Mexican border fence.

* “THE WIZARD OF OZ…The Man who “really does know everything.” Prof John Frodsham…reported by Judy Banks in Perth, Australia


* in search of HOLLAND TENNYSON….words & pictures by Michael Brohm

* HERB RINGER’S AMERICAN WEST…The Colorado High Country: 1946

…essays by Martin Murie & Sarah Clark. A short story by Ned Mudd.
and much more…
Thanks to everyone for your support and patience…

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  1. I found an interesting article about the Cabeza and why the border fence is being built. It seems the smugglers were tearing the place up.

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