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green is the color of my true love’s hair

How green is green? How about the “cash 4 klunkers” boondoggle – green or lean on green? For every answer, there’s another answer. This ain’t your Grandfather’s green. According to NPR’s lovely new series “How Green is It?”, the idea of jettisoning your old clunker for a new one might not be as green as it seems. Know what I mean, Jean?

One expert calculates “that if you trade in an 18 mpg clunker for a 22 mpg new car (22 miles per gallon is the minimum mileage allowed for a new car under the program), it would take five and a half years of typical driving to offset the new car’s carbon footprint. With trucks, it might take eight or nine years….” And just when you thought that new Hummer might be fun to snag at a big discount! Holy carbon footprint!

On another note: did you know that “The luxury market has been slow to hop on the green bandwagon, partly because the cachet of high-end goods and services are their quality, which can be hard to replicate with a ‘green’ alternative. Burlap and hemp don’t exactly scream Armani. Nevertheless, some leading-edge luxury companies are finding a niche in ecoluxury, the marriage of preservation and posh.”

Ec-Posh! Why didn’t I think of that? There’s gold in them thar hills!

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