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Super Rice!

Ever notice how most folks think backwards? They begin with the answer to a question that wouldn’t be a question except that the answer makes it one. Or something like that.

For example: NPR has a piece about genetically engineered rice that kicks off like this – “Scientists are racing to develop strains of ‘super rice’ that can prevent the return of deadly famines to Asia. Researchers say tough, highly productive rice plants offer the best hope for feeding a world population that will reach 9 billion by 2050.”

Cool, huh? Super rice, coming soon to a paddy near you!

As an experiment, flip the paragraph around and look at its mirror image. The obvious question that pops up is: “Why in hell do we want 9 billion Homo erectus asphaltus running loose on little ole planet Earth?”

Socrates Wilson says: Deal with root causes first, then see what’s left to solve.

Pass the salt.

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