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Nebraska or bust

Ever heard of the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica? Well, now you have. And, in the eyes (test tubes) of climate gurus, it’s melting faster than a popsicle in Hell. In fact, those pesky iceberg things appear to be vanishing so quickly that most climate forecasts will soon be yesterday’s science fiction, badly in need of revision. And it doesn’t look good, depending on your opinion of rising sea levels.

So, what’s an intrepid Earthling to do in these dizzy times of ever morphing temperatures, habitat flip-flop, and species rearrangement? Adapt!

From the look of things, you might want to consider buying a nice chunk of dirt somewhere in the sandhills of Nebraska, a.s.a.p. It might not be the pinnacle of hip culture, but think long – like Warren Buffet.

I figure western Nebraska’s average mid-January temperature will be 75 degrees by 2028. Summer might get a bit toasty, but there’s opportunity in heat waves (water-based theme park, for example, complete with buffalo rides, and an organic hot dog stand).

Only those adventurers willing to think (and live) outside the proverbial Box are going to have fun as the planet turns into a Circus of Doom. Plan ahead! Don’t become relegated to crass cannibalism as your sole means of survival (wasn’t that what they did in some Cormac McCarthy movie? Or am I thinking Charlton Heston?)

Alas…. this doesn’t look like Kansas anymore. So we’re off to Nebraska!

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    Nebraska or bust

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