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Glen Canyon revisited

This just in from the Christian Science Monitor – “I don’t know that there’s very many people in the world who want to kiss, love, hug, lick, touch, and talk to sandstone,” says 89-year-old Katie Lee, as she sums up the loss she felt when the 170-mile Glen Canyon in Arizona was dammed in 1965.

Turns out – Ms. Lee might get her chance to do some old fashioned sandstone licking pretty soon, assuming Lake Powell continues to evaporate into the wild blue yonder. Or, at least that’s the premise of a new tome on the subject by author Annette McGivney. The book’s called “Resurrection: Glen Canyon and a New Vision for the American West.”

Read all about it!

And if Nature can’t seem to get the job done, there’s always Abbey’s vision.

Have wrench, will travel.

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