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Grid Iron Glory

Breaking news for all you sports fans. Yes, there is a small glimmer of hope for America. Perhaps one kilowatt. And it comes to us from the green grass of a football field in St. Joseph, Mo. So what if the grass sucks valuable drinking water and the stadium lights cause 1 ounce of carbon gas to scour the atmosphere? What happened on that field makes the rest of American sports look like a gangster movie.

Here’s the spin – with seconds left on the clock, and losing 46 to nothing, Benton High’s coach obviously experienced a flash of genius and approached his opponents with an ingenious request: Forgo a shut-out in order for one of Benton’s running backs, Matt Ziesel, to make a run for a taste of glory. Crazy? Of course. But it worked.

Matt has Down Syndrome. And he runs fast as hell!

“It’s not necessarily about winning or losing,” said McCamy, a second-year coach who played college football at Missouri. “Obviously up in Maryville we lost the game. The end result, we lost the game, but when we went away, we were all kind of winners.”

Final score – Maryville 46, Benton 6.

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