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the numbers game

Who knows what strange quantum mechanisms propel us into the Great Tomorrow? Not I. But it’s interesting to note that what was taboo only yesterday is now the topic de jour – over population. What took so long?

Of course, the news is anything but good. A recent report by the UN projects that “with one and a half million more humans climbing aboard the planet every week, a recipe is looming for ecological overload, famine and broken states.”

“How Niger is going to feed a population growing from 11 million today to 50 million in 2050 in a semi-arid country that may be facing adverse climate (change) is unclear,” said Adair Turner, a member of Britain’s House of Lords.

And I thought Niger was already having problems feeding itself. Alas.

Homo erectus asphaltus can be seriously out of touch with reality on any given day. Or most days. But it’s always refreshing to see a bit of common sense injected into the mix from time to time. Now if we could just get the mainstream environmental groups on board…..

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