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ode to the moon

Just in from NPRThree different space probes have gathered evidence that the top layer of the moon’s surface contains hidden stores of water.

So what? There’s water on the moon. Is somebody planning on convening the Summer Olympics up there?

No, friends, it’s a tad more nefarious than that. “Is there water there? That’s important for lunar missions. People could get the water. They could use the hydrogen for energy,” says Brown University geologist Alberto Saal.

Of course, what’s going on here is the long range plan to colonize the lunar orb. Here’s what New Papyrus magazine has to spin about the subject – “NASA needs to focus on sending lunar habitat modules to the lunar surface in order to build a permanent and continuously growing manned facility. Such a facility would have immediate scientific, commercial, and strategic benefits…”

Ah, there’s the gig: “commercial and strategic benefits.” Wal-Mart here we come!

I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned the moon is one of life’s finest reminders of what sheer elegance looks like. And any attempt to blast a bunch of bulldozing yahoos in moon suits up yonder should be met with ridicule, tomato throwing, catcalling, muckraking, Hayduking, and staunch resistance.

The moon, methinks, looks with a watery eye; And
when she weeps, weeps every little flower.

Willie Shakespeare
“Midsummer Night’s Dream”

(ode to the moon)

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