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pass the Charmin

You knew it had to happen sooner than later – the Neo-Greens are now after your toilet paper. Chalk one up for Cheryl Crow. To be fair, it’s the ultra-fluffy TP that’s got the Neo-Green’s panties in a wad. They want Industry to make the stuff out of recycled paper. Of course, the consumer drives the market, and “despite environmentalists’ concerns, they say customers are unwavering in their desire for the softest paper possible.”

You gotta hand it to the Neo-Greens: they’re persistent, if a tad lost in the tactics of the 1970s. At least nobody (that we know of) has dressed up as a giant roll of Charmin and busted into the U.N.’s climate change conference. Yet.

Another example of the dog chasing the tail.* Pardon the pun.

* see prior post – The numbers game.

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