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green McMansions

Calling all Neo-Greens – “The first newly constructed, carbon neutral house on the East Coast is opening its doors to the public in October. The Green House, as it’s been named, uses approximately 70 to 80 percent less energy per square foot than a comparable new house.”

And is it a crock of McMansion shit, or what?

Is this what we’re calling green these days? “The family living here can live with virtually no carbon footprint as a result of their day to day activities,” said one of the home builders. Notice he said “as a result of their day to day activities.” And how does a Neo-Green come up with the cash to buy a 4,000 square foot humble green mansion? Even Michelle Obama’s organic gardener doesn’t make that kind of casserole.

Not to fret – you can tour the home any day now.

Keeping up with the Green Jones.

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