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Bubbles in my beer

Good news for cowboy gunslingers, at least in Arizona. A new law allows trigger fingers to tote their hardware inside bars, under certain (or uncertain) restrictions.

This from an NRA spokes-wonk – “Bad things happen in bars and restaurants,” [J.P.] Nelson said. “People want to carry a gun and if the facility owner doesn’t have a problem with it, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Further clarifying the contentious issue, Arizona Sen. Jack Harper said, “It’s very important that criminals are now afraid rather than law abiding citizens.”

Not having read the bill’s exact wording, it’s too early to pass judgment. Then again, when I was a regular bar hopping commando, I always carried a gun into dens of iniquity, regardless of their location. You never know when the lead’ll start flying. And it pays to be prepared!

Load em up!

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