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Guns, germs, and Wal-Mart?

“THERE is a widespread view, particularly among environmentalists and liberals, that big businesses are environmentally destructive, greedy, evil and driven by short-term profits. I know — because I used to share that view.” Jared Diamond in the New York Times.

Notice Monsieur Diamond said “used to”? That’s right. The man who brought us Guns, Germs, and Steel now has this insight to share -“I’ve discovered that while some businesses are indeed as destructive as many suspect, others are among the world’s strongest positive forces for environmental sustainability.”

As some pundits have reminded us, all environmental issues are local. It stands to reason that change will only come from sidewalks, store fronts, even corporate board rooms. Real change begins at home, where the credit card bills are mailed.

Maybe Diamond is on to something…..

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  1. Unadulterated words, some unadulterated words man. Thx for making my day.

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