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Soylent Green redux

So sayeth the New York Times“To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, some researchers say, Americans may have to experience a sobering reality: gas at $7 a gallon.”

Yeah, and Garth Brooks is coming back to do a disco album.

Where do the pundits get this stuff? Of course, we’re talking about the news as reported by the NYT’s mini-site called “” And to make things more risible, the site’s slogan is “Nine billion people. One planet.” The irony? When our lovely planet hits 9 billion Homo erectus asphaltus, all armed with laptops, iPhones, GPS units, and hybrid-Humvees, there won’t be a blade of grass left standing. Soylent Green will look tame compared to the dystopian quagmire we’ll find ourselves in.

Let’s say it again: If you ain’t talking population, you ain’t green. Kermit notwithstanding.

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