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Slap and trade

The New York Times reports that the new “energy plan” moving through the bowels of what used to pass for Congress has axed the nefarious “cap & trade” scenario in favor of a more, shall we say, relaxed approach.

“That plan, still being written, will include a cap on greenhouse gas emissions only for utilities, at least at first, with other industries phased in perhaps years later. It is also said to include a modest tax on gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation fuel, accompanied by new incentives for oil and gas drilling, nuclear power plant construction, carbon capture and storage, and renewable energy sources like wind and solar.”

No mention of the root cause of our current energy maladies – overpopulation.

At least our elected officials are consistent. No other aggregate of Homo erectus asphaltus can make as much noise, signifying nothing, as America’s erudite yahoos in Washington.

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