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Health care mojo

Every now and then (more then than now), somebody steps up to the proverbial plate and utters an ounce of truth. Take the so-called “health care” debate now raging from sea to shining sea. Actually a silly moniker, as the debate isn’t about health, but about business – the business of perpetuating a system that rewards pain, suffering and assorted wrong-headed behaviors.

Here’s what one brave soul inked in the New York Times – “FOR all the debate lately, one basic fact about America’s health care crisis is rarely mentioned. Namely, the one thing that could really reform health care is you, collectively speaking: People living healthier lives.”

Amen. But it gets more interesting.

“The statistical evidence has been clear for years, but it bears repeating. Studies show that 50 percent to 70 percent of the nation’s health care costs are preventable.”

Factor that tidbit into your health care calculator, then see how sensible the last year’s worth of noise regarding health has been.

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