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Magic Mushrooms return! (just in time)

As reported by the New York Times – “Researchers from around the world are gathering this week in San Jose, Calif., for the largest conference on psychedelic science held in the United States in four decades. They plan to discuss studies of psilocybin and other psychedelics for treating depression in cancer patients, obsessive-compulsive disorder, end-of-life anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction to drugs or alcohol.”

As anybody old enough to have watched the original run of the Beverly Hillbillies knows, fungi are one of the planet’s most unsung heros. Thus, the notion that certain spores might aid Homo erectus asphaltus overcome the foibles of depression and other nefarious maladies is no surprise.

Remember Ötzi the so-called Iceman? Yup – he was toting a few funky spores of Fomes fomentarius as he trekked through the icy Alps. And now you, too, can partake. For a fee, of course.

Back to our story. “Scientists are especially intrigued by the similarities between hallucinogenic experiences and the life-changing revelations reported throughout history by religious mystics and those who meditate.”

Hot damn! Sign me up. Why wear your butt to the bone sitting on a cushion when you can trip into the light fandango on a few microdots of psilocybin?

Life is funny. One day they’re busting you for acting like Mr. Natural, the next they’re sending you to clinic for a shot of psychedelic mushroom tea.

Before you laugh, turn on, tune in and drop a few minutes with the Fungi Guru – Paul Stamets. You’ll be heading for the clinic in short order.


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