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blinded by science – geoengineering

The topic de jour is “Can We ‘Cool The Planet’ Through Geoengineering?” Let’s hope not.

Some skewed thinkers out yonder, apparently blinded by science, are seriously pondering cooling the planet vial geoengineering. Of course, as any clear headed American (oxymoron?) can clearly see, such an idea is little more than bullshit sprinkled with glitter.

Here’s a whiff of the stink from NPR – “For years, environmental and energy researchers have been working on solutions to stop or slow down the effects of global warming. One approach that has recently gained popularity is what scientists call geoengineering — the idea that Earth can essentially be retrofitted with technology to reduce global warming.”

Planet Earth needs technological retrofitting? Where’s George Carlin when you need him?

Can we geo-engineer Homo erectus asphaltus while we’re at it? How about retrofitting our species’ proclivity to eat ourselves into a diabetic stupor? Or our tendency towards blind obedience to ideological stupidity? Or our insatiable desire to reproduce?

Sound silly? Of course it does.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind of common sense – reduce our population in accordance with ecological carrying capacity, live in some semblance of harmony with “nature,” and quit acting out every urge produced by testosterone overdose.

You don’t need a zoo keeper to tell you which way the monkey jumps. Nor do you need a techno-wonk to tell you that what ails the planet is looking in the proverbial mirror wondering if their teeth are white enough. Or, as the Old Man in the Sea told us – when the bell tolls, answer the phone.

As one pundit told NPR – “We have a lot of talk about clean energy, about green energy, people trying to do their part and change their lives in small ways, but in fact, we’re really not doing anything.”

Not true…. we’re behaving exactly like the primates that we are. And we will continue to do so until our lovely DNA dictates otherwise. Perhaps a sad commentary on the societal evolution, but what is, is.

Until then, free condoms!

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