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Thoreau would be ….. proud?

This in from WCVB in Boston – The town of Concord [Mass.] has banned the sale of bottled drinking water in town beginning in 2011.

“‘We only have one planet and I just don’t want to see it spoiled,’ said Jean Hill, who introduced the measure at Concord’s Town Meeting.” (Not all plastic bottles were banned, mind you – “Water is something we can get from the faucet. You can’t turn your faucet on and get soda,” said Selectwoman Virginia McIntyre…”)

Ahoy, Land of the Free! Let’s get serious about this spoilation business. Cars are downright Hell on the planet – they must be banned. Then we go for gasoline (10 kinds of pollution), Big Macs (strain on nation’s health care), television (makes kid’s stupid, see related blog), golf courses (toxic chemicals), rock music (mega-watt power usage), air travel (greenhouse gas hog), wind farms (bird shredders), plastic (non-degradable junk), eco-tourism (imperialistic elitism), computers (social isolation, landfill rubble), porn. (On second thought, forget porn).

By God (can we say the G word any more? Where’s Clarence Thomas when you need him?) – we must be vigilant to halt the senseless ruination of the only planet we’ve got (although Mars is in the running, depending on how fast the up-and-coming generation of Chinese technological wizards can get us there).

Time is of the essence. The only hope is to ban that which offends us. Plastic water bottles are unAmerican, disgraceful, and just plain freaking evil! Forget the Constitution – our fearless leaders must act to protect us from ourselves before it’s too late. That’s what democracy is all about.

Ban the blog!

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