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  1. Frank Lyall said

    Lately The Zephyr has taken on a totalitarian flavor, with articles advocating mandatory population control and destroying civilization ,to return to a hunter-gather society. Either option would necessitate a government on the order Mao or that of Pol Pot. Ever notice the logical outcome of modern liberalism and/or environmentalism is authoritarian ?
    I don’t think most environmentalists have the stones to follow through with the implications of their convictions. No it will require a new crop of truly sick, sadistic bastards with a genocidal streak. And yes, a thousand years of darkness would be necessary.

  2. Dink Bridgers said

    Mandatory population control. Yes. Thank you. Get that done ASAP. Go out and adopt a kid right if you think you need to have a child from your “loins.” Learn how to care for someone in the human family before you pump another on out before your divorce. Did Jim say we need to return to hunting and gathering? Just what are we going to hunt and gather with all these people around? Mao fixed something in his country by killing millions of people (do you miss them?), setting up a government that slowed the country’s decent into chaos by controlling population growth and focusing on progress rather than decadence and illusions of culture. China was fixed so well by the system of control he left that it is going to roll over us like a bulldozer as we try to figure out why we cannot make our own toasters and guns. Pol Pot was overrated, hyped as killer of millions. Our government killed those millions of people in Pol Pot’s country with a prolonged carpet bombing campaign and then we blamed it on Pol Pot, who killed and tortured thousands of people trying to get his country straight in a brutal civil war. You can lie to the American people, but you cannot change history as long as others are watching our evil. Both Mao and Pol had serious jobs to do and, like most people do, screwed up a lot of it. Castro is a better example of how to save your country’s natural resources. We’d be lucky to be able to see the hands on OUR wheel. The USA is led like a totalitarian country by people we do not even see. We do what we are told. Now we are going to watch another fixed election as the media tells us how it will go and the computer voting machines do the rest. We are run by a corporation of international corporations and don’t even know who the CEO is. We already have our genocide and it has been fairly successful. Iraq is depopulated, as the European press will tell you. We call it a war on terrorism and call our campaign “Shock and Awe”, then we forget about it. We are getting closer and closer to seeing an actual dictator, and he is NOT going to be an environmental activist. Most likely we will not get someone who will remove the wealthy elite and turn their 3OK square foot homes into schools and hospitals. Darkness is happening now. It happens in the light of day. Those who don’t see it, well, your children will.

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