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“POKING THROUGH THE RUINS #15” Home Movies,1930s…part 2

(From YouTube) “These are home videos that were shot in the early to mid 30s. These videos came from the estate of a woman who lived in Santa Fe and were purchased about 25 years ago. 20 Years ago, I set up a camcorder and recorded these. I am playing these back on the original machine that she used to to view these on. These were then transferred from the VHS tape to digital.”

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  1. Nancy Kurtz said

    What a great find. The early footage is shot in Chimayo, north of Santa Fe. The woven blanket is significant because Chimayo has been a center of weaving for generations; one shop, Ortega’s, has been in business since 1900. The first church is El Santuario de Chimayo (that is the courtyard the man is walking through). Someone who knows the pueblos may be able to identify the location of the dance. The second church is at Isleta Pueblo, looking much different than today (historic photos:,1). Isleta is south of Albuquerque in the Rio Grand valley, and we can see the railroad and river in some of the shots before the church. Wish I could identify the road cut. Thanks for posting this, Jim.

  2. stiles said

    THANKS Nancy! I was hoping you’d show up and pass along this information again. I’m impressed!

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