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(from the Daily Beast) ‘From Russell Simmons to Ben & Jerry: the Would-be Sponsors of Occupy Wall St’

Occupy Oreo? Revolutionary Rocky Road? Moneyed patrons plan to subsidize the fight against predatory capitalism, whether OWS likes it or not.

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After months of behind-the-scenes discussion, the latest moneyed group looking to patronize Occupy Wall Street—in implicit exchange for its “blessing” and the valuable naming rights that go with it—came out publicly this week….

The group seems to think it can purchase a piece of the occupation….“Essentially this is a group of very wealthy people who have picked a handler to deal with Occupy Wall Street,” academic administrator and veteran occupier Ravi Ahmad told The Wall Street Journal. “They’ve re-created what’s wrong with nonprofits and philanthropy structures.” (The Journal story was inaccurately titled “Occupy Groups Get Funding,” suggesting that OWS has reached an arrangement with MRG, which it has not.)

I remembered thinking the same thing when Alec Baldwin—literally a shill for Capital One Bank—showed up at the “Occupied Office” (50 Broadway) one afternoon. Or when Russell Simmons showed up early on and offered big money with strings attached. This is the same guy who was hawking his “self-help” book, Super-Rich. We’re talking enormous nerve.

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  1. Jesus del Rio said

    Yep, they’ll do that. But should we let them? Should we sell out? Of course not!

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