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(YouTube) ‘Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made ‘

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  1. Larry Webb said

    The girl with the short hair and dimples with plaid dress at the very beginning of the video i thought really was quite a dancer…does anyone know if she is still clogging and dancing..i’m sure she would be in her 60’s by now…..

  2. Jim Hodgkin said

    I Watch this a lot. It reminds me of the square dancing at Nellsville, MI in the 1930s. We went there a lot, but forgot to drain the Model T one night and it froze and cracked the block. I especially like the second tune they play in the video, Rubber Dolly.

  3. Steve said

    I believe the young female dancer with the plaid skirt is called Maryanne, but I don’t know her surname. If anyone finds out please advise.

  4. Greta Baker said

    Where is this video available?

  5. Steve said

    what is the name of the first tune they play?

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