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(April/May 2013) Global Warming: Maybe Denial is Working for Betty and Lou, but it Isn’t for Their Teenagers…by Scott Thompson

Excerpt: Kevin Anderson, a climate scientist at the University of Manchester in the U.K., is one of those humans who somehow never learned to be a proper, timid professional, and is therefore honest to a fault. One of our species’ success stories: may his genes pass on. So it wasn’t surprising that in a lecture in November, 2012, he said, “…the scientific community repeatedly underplays the story. That’s what I’m trying to show here. Very unpopular with some of my colleagues…

“So across the board everyone’s saying we can’t be honest about two degrees C [of warming above pre-industrial]. I was at an event recently, a Chatham House event so I can’t tell you who was there, but a very senior government scientist and someone very senior from an oil company…these very senior people said, ‘Well, I think we’re on for 4 to 6 degrees C, but we just can’t be open about it.’ But that is going on all the time behind the scenes, that somehow we can’t tell the public.”

Shout it, brother: not only is the public not being told that at least a 4 degree C world is hurtling toward us like a Texas-sized asteroid, it also isn’t being told what that world will be like once it hits…

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