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(August/September 2013) From the Zephyr Archives: “The Goat Man”…Photo by Herb Ringer, Story by Jean Eardley (From the Zephyr archives)

An excerpt: “Jack W. Holley was born on May 7, 1872 in Crawford County, Arkansas. He served in the Spanish-American War, World War I, and spent many years at sea as a Merchant Marine and fisherman. He reportedly sailed around the world at least three times (and was shipwrecked at least once each time.) He studied philosophy in India and from this shaped his view of life. He was also respectful of the Aztec civilization. His rather austere existence in Moab was often likened to the spiritual sojourn of great Eastern philosophers. (Although other moab residents said he was a typical hermit—no different from the “mule and miner” prospectors who lived in the hills—someone who wore old clothes to encourage hand-outs and hoarded what few belongings he had.)”

To read more of Jean’s story about “The Goat Man,” click the image below:


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