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(April/May 2013) Sowing Clover: Uruguay’s President: A Role Model for America?…by Tonya Stiles

Excerpt:  The United States really isn’t doing well these days. You may not know it, listening to American news. You’ll still hear from the mouthpieces of every public personality that America remains the best country on earth. That, despite our current setbacks, we are still the “shining beacon” of freedom and whatnot. Of course, they offer nothing to back up this claim. No studies, or rankings, to show that living in America makes a person happier, healthier or more fulfilled than he or she would be living anywhere else. To our minds, it’s self-evident. All Americans are created better. And, of course, a corollary to the belief that we’re the best at everything is the belief that we have nothing to learn from anyone else. And we’ll continue believing it, so long as we still excel in the two arts of seduction: finance, which convinces us that money is born out of thin air and then disappears it before our eyes, and pop culture, which intoxicates us with our own vision—only prettier, happier and with greater worldly belongings.

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