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From the OCT/NOV Zephyr: Take it or Leave it: Searching for Silence on the Summit…by Jim Stiles

An Excerpt: “Despite rain and sleet and 80 mph winds that almost swept me off the ridge, I made it to the summit and the perfect vantage point for all those spectacular unobstructed views of the canyon country. The ascent was nothing technical or dramatic; it was simply a long hike above timberline where the air is thin and clear (if also a tad turbulent), to a place I’ve come to regard as my own in a way. It’s difficult not to become territorial about something you love.
In another way, however, it is a meeting place for everyone who has climbed the peak. The summit provides a solitary opportunity to share thoughts and feelings during the moments spent in the brilliant isolation of 12,000 feet.”

To read more of Jim’s story, click the image below:


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  1. Obrigado pela audiência, pes!dalsFioalgo, eu realmente nao tinha lido sobre isso. Ainda classifico a possibilidade como pequena, me parece mais uma entre idéias malucas q surgem de vez em qdo naqueles mentes. Bernie adora jogar verde para colher maduro.Anônimo, creia ou nao, a foto nao tem nenhuma montagem. A pista de Suzuka é assim mesmo!Abs

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  3. im from chicago.. went last year and stayed at the holiday inn and it was the shit… i got laid every night i was there and was fucked up the entire time… only reason im not goin this year is because the fourth man is in the hospital with liver issues… anyway… have a good time, youll never forget it

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    From the OCT/NOV Zephyr: Take it or Leave it: Searching for Silence on the Summit…by Jim Stiles – The Zephyr

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