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From the DEC/JAN Zephyr: Why I Never Became an Anti-Mormon…by Jim Stiles

An excerpt:

Utah is not like any other state. Some Americans are still not sure Utah is a part of the union, and in its early history, of course, the U.S. Government  refused to allow statehood for the land of Deseret. A “wicked place,” some self-righteous Christians complained.

Conversely, there are many Utahns who even today wish they’d stayed out of the USA in the first place. A few years ago, a friend of mine was chatting with a neighbor, a native born Blandingite, about the woes of the world. The man gazed east to the San Juan Mountains in Colorado and noted gravely, “Yeah, things are a mess out there in America.” For all these decades and years and centuries, Utahns and the rest of the country have maintained an uncertain truce.

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