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(From the October/November Zephyr) Zephyr Chronicles #4: ‘IT’S MONEY THAT MATTERS’…BUT AT WHAT COST? THE GREENING OF WILDERNE$$…by Jim Stiles

An excerpt:

I had already seen some nervous advertisers who took no comfort in our message and, as early as 1995, efforts to boycott The Zephyr and our advertisers had started. In one of my more defiant moments,   I wrote, “If you’re an advertiser in this paper and you abhor the bizarre collection of opinions expressed herein, if you believe your association with this publication is destroying your reputation, if you think that the Zephyr has destroyed the local tourist economy by single-handedly altering international travel trends, then I think you have no choice but to withdraw your advertising immediately.”   But, I warned, “remember this: if we really do have the power to alter international travel trends, we also have the power to turn you into a toad. Fair warning.”


To read more of Jim’s article, click the image below:


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