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(From the April/May Zephyr) ALBERT CHRISTENSEN & AHARRON ANDEEW: Eccentric Sculptors…& Kindred Spirits?…by Jim Stiles


But there was another sculptor in southeast Utah in the mid-1930s, though his time there was limited, his origins unknown, and his life after his brief stay in Moab, tragic. His real name is not known, but he called himself ‘Aaron Andrew,’ or ‘Ahrron Andeew,’ or simply, ‘King America/King World.’ He may have been of eastern European ancestry but no one can say with any certainty. What I know of ‘King World’ comes from listening to the Moab oldtimers when I first arrived in town, in the late 70s.  Aaron was an eccentric artist who dressed oddly, created copper ‘medals’ that he wore on a chain over his tattered great coat, and who was often seen marching up and down Main Street on Sunday mornings, as if on patrol.


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