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(From the August/September Zephyr) A Strange Occurrence at Thompson Springs: An Air Force Colonel Vanishes Twice in Eight Hours & His Truck Just Floats Away?…By Peter Haney


The woman’s car was pulled up tight by the ramp and she went to the passenger wide and opened the door. It was cold. I could instantly see my every breath. I walked around behind the wheel chair to steady it as she helped a large man out of the car and into the wheelchair. He had a military uniform on, which was quite disheveled an dirty. His knees were showing through small holes in his pants and his feet were bare, white, blistered and bleeding—the beginnings of frostbite.

I pushed the man up the ramp and through the ER door the woman was holding open for me and into the trauma room, grabbing the ER paper work as we went in. He looked dazed and distant as we helped him up on the stretcher and covered him with two or three blankets. I started to take his vitals, introduced myself and asked his name. He just looked up at me and said nothing while still shaking from the chills…

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