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(From the August/September Zephyr) Losing Solitude: The Importance Of Remembering Things Past…by Martin Murie


Nostalgia, from Greek nostos, a return, and algos, pain or grief. Somewhere in its long journey through languages the word, at least in American English, acquired a shift that turned pain and grief to something like sweet sorrow with an aura of wanting to return to the good old days. That was unacceptable of course, in an era of up-and-at-’em enterprise.

An antidote for such indulgences turned up: You can’t stop Progress. That’s interesting because progress is something quite new, intimately tied to the emergence of “market economy” (aka Capitalism) out of relatively static feudalism. By now, in these enlightened times, we are expected to know that the future is all and what it brings is the best we can expect of all possible worlds. The past is water under the bridge; we must move on…

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