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(From the Oct/Nov Zephyr) US 191 & the Forgotten Past…by Jim Stiles


In the last few years, the traffic on US 191, between Moab and Monticello has increased dramatically. Despite efforts to improve the safety of the highway (and with millions of dollars of construction upgrades planned or proposed), the 55 mile stretch of road grows more dangerous. My own observations have caused me to cut back on my trips to Moab—exploding tourist traffic has choked the road with cars and RVs, locals, frustrated with the jams, drive more recklessly, just to get home, and commercial traffic has noticeably increased as well…truck traffic at even 2 AM is startling. Often I take the ‘back way’—though it doubles my travel time, it increases my chances of surviving the trip.

But in the rush, there is history all along the road. Few, if any, notice.

A few years ago, I began to explore the roadsides of US 191 and found the reminders of a quieter time. For the next few issues, we’ll share some of these artifacts…

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