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(From the Dec/Jan Zephyr) Sowing Clover: Who Can Keep Your Secrets?…by Tonya Stiles


This sounds great, of course. Everyone wants both safety and freedom. That’s why we have the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, after all. We want the government to be able to catch “bad guys” and we want for us, the “good guys,” to be left alone. And as long as the argument is framed in such a way—to stop the “bad guys” from using the scary “encryption” technology to kill innocents—you’ll find very few average folks arguing against it.

The primary tool in the arsenal of those who want to break encryption is the fact that most people don’t understand what they’re talking about. They don’t know what encryption is, or how a weakening of encryption might hurt them. They’re good people, right? So why would they need encryption?

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