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(Moab Times-Independent) My thoughts on the desert…by Chris Baird

EXCERPT: The people in the counties and communities surrounding Moab and Grand County aren’t stupid. Up until the turn of the millennium, a few of Utah’s rural counties were democratic strongholds — back when the democrats championed the blue-collar working class. Millennials seem to have no idea that the Democratic Party was built on support for coal miners, steel workers, and every other union trade in existence. This pro-labor class didn’t defect to the republicans because they wanted to support the fat cats, and the boss man. These folks are labor, through and through. They defected because they had no choice. The democrats sold them out. And, the republicans were at least speaking their language.

Moab is becoming the capital of the retired professional, who read some environmental novel or another, and has decided to dedicate their retired lives to “the cause.” Which somehow now entails pimping tourism as the environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional industries that existed before they came. And, despite their adherence to science and objective reality, they completely ignore the fact that tourism has impacted the environment far more than the traditional industries.

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