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New Online Edition


Your comments are invited –  I want to know what you think.

It’ll take time to figure out this blog and its functions, so expect some hiccups. In that regard, please be gentle. 

However, your opinions on the new Zephyr,  rotten eggs or roses  – let’s have ’em!

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10 Responses

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  1. Lefty said

    I love an empty archive.

    Wonderful photo with your father and brother…. very similar to the photo at the top of the blog.. just a few decades difference.

  2. leadhead said

    First online issue made a good first impression. Is there a chance you can link all the pages together in the future so all we have to do is keep scrolling down to keep reading? I may be getting too picky, but I’m getting older and those precious seconds wasted by opening and closing windows are eating away at my remaining moments on this planet.

  3. stiles said

    Hello Leadhead…thanks for your comments. We kicked around the idea of linking them together, but haven’t so far. First if we link the pages together, we create a file that will take a considerable time to download….the difference between waiting for the whole thing and doing them two-pages at a time may be negligible. Second, if some readers decide to download the whole file, even despite warnings from us, and they have a slow internet connection, they may hate me for the rest of their natural lives.

  4. John Mason said

    Hello Jim,
    Good work. I was lamenting the demise of the Zephyr. Like Leadhead I was finding I had to do some scrolling to read your online Zephyr; but I was happy to see it back. I understand the problems of linking all the pages together; It’s a bit of a pain to do two of them at the same time given my aging eyes and your small print. If I had a monitor bigger than my 22″, or, if I could read smaller print, I might be able to read a whole page without scrolling up and down. Good luck with this. I’ll try to send some money. You are soon to discover what the government sends us self employed hippies. And then they take $98 for medicare which covers didley squat. Another two hundred bucks or so buys you two policies that cover most of the loopholes; except the 1500 black hole they charge you for if you use too much coverage. You are going to love it. I suspect we shall talk about this at a future date.
    John Mason

  5. Hi Jim,

    Glad to see the Zephyr made it to the internet. We live full-time in a motor home and travel around the country for our business so we appreciate being able to catch up on the important stuff in our favorite indie paper.

    One thing that I would love to see is a SHARE link on each page. If you haven’t seen one yet, it is a link that allows the reader to click on it and choose the social networking site where we want to post the article. This will help promote the Zephyr and the brilliant stuff in it. Personally, I would love to post your articles on Facebook and using the SHARE link would be the best way to do it.

    Much success to you.

    Rachel Budman
    Bill Burke’s 4-Wheeling America

  6. Harry Schaefer said

    How about a link that is somewhat hidden, but still makes downloading the whole thing possible. On my computer setup I have to track down each file in the Downloads folder and then I have a whole bunch of similarly named files. Considering my considerable short term memory loss, I can’t always remember what page I was on and I end up opening up a whole bunch of files until I get to the correct one.
    I understand that you set it up the way that you did to minimize the download times, but it would be nice to have BOTH options available.

  7. I agree with Harry S. Having both options would be nice. I’d like to have the option of downloading the whole publication as one file.
    Allan in California

  8. Gary said

    Love the new online paper!
    Glad to have you back with the living….
    I’m always glad to see your happy face whenever I’m in the post office or anywhere else in town.

  9. Stiles,

    Regarding solitude, there was no one in Negro Bill Canyon at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday April 9th, 2009. There were jeeps rumbling up and down Moab’s Main Street, there were people in every restaurant and bar, there was even a circle of folks singing Tom Petty songs in the parking lot of the canyon, but no one had wandered on in. They should have, because the moon was bright…but no one did.

    Ryan Syme
    Spring City, Utah

  10. Jim Dexter said

    Major ‘roses’ for the new electronic Zephyr. Now, get busy and make each new issue contain even more denser writing, even more relevant issues, and know that the work you will do is very, very valuable.

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