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I have somehow managed to cross a good part of the United States, been sneezed on at various locations by all kinds of unsavory characters, and have not contracted the swine flu. Nor have these damn cats of mine.

In any case, I am back home in Monticello, Utah, with all my Mormon pals and the few heathens who are smart enough to live here.  This is about a month late, but just as I was leaving town to head east, word came that Bennion Redd had died, at age 84, here in his lifetime home.  I knew Bennion for almost 25 years, going back to the days when I was a seasonal ranger at Arches and Bennion was the federal magistrate.  Never have I met a kinder, more generous man.  He had recently become a widower and encouraged all of us to stop by his office on Main Street when we were in Monticello. When I decided to take him up on his offer, I realized he meant it.  He always seemed delighted by company…Until last year, I would see Bennion each morning at the post office. Later, you could be sure to see him sweeping the sidewalk in front of his law office.

I’ll have much more on Bennion Redd and perhaps a few unexpected insights into this little community in the June/July issue. But for now, just a word of thanks to Bennion Redd for being such a good friend to so many people.

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  1. Lisa Cromer-Miller said

    glad you made it back safe and somewhat sounder?? what did you think of Harper KS-big time huh…. sorry to hear of your friend passing. did you also hear that our new Gov. Parkinson ok’d the coal fire plant for Holcomb, KS- BAD BAD deal. everyone thinks it is great only because of a few jobs created in Hutchinson building wind turbines. Kansans get your gas masks ready…

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