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(August/September 2013) Take it or Leave it: STILES’ ROAD RULES #43, ‘CONFESSIONS AND COMPLAINTS OF A LIFELONG JAYWALKER’…by Jim Stiles

An excerpt: “Herb Ringer drove a succession of Ford cars and trucks over a period of 60 years; by his own estimate, he covered about a million and a half miles and not once, did he ever run over anybody. Or at least anybody who didn’t deserve to be run over. And yet, if there was ever anyone worthy of being run over by a fast-moving automobile, it’s me. As long, that is,  as everyone plays by the rules of the road.

I am, and always have been, an unhesitatingly consistent, even dedicated, jaywalker. I’ve been doing the jay for decades. My wife can’t believe I’ve lived this long. I maintain that the shortest distance between two fixed points is a straight line (mathematicians will support me on this) and I have adhered to that rule for most of my life. I still do.”

To read more of Jim’s article, click the image below:



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