1 comment for “Clinging Hopelessly to the Maps

  1. Martin "Doc" Hudson
    July 31, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    After skimming the “Clinging Hopelessly to the Maps” I left the computer to clean out some old stuff in the garage….when I opened my old river runners “ammo can” I came across two maps that I have had hidden away for over 40 years…..they are old “Scroll Maps” from a man named Leslie Jones (they are about 5 inches wide and 116 feet long rolled up”. One is of the Selway River and the other of Desolation Canyon. Along with the names of rapids and camps are bible verses. Quite frankly I forgot about these and when I did a “Google Search”, I haven’t found much about Leslie Jones and who he was and what he did. Maybe your readers have a clue.


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