Instant Moab…by Terry Knouff

I n s t a n t   M o a b

 …the Polaroid Wizardry of Terry Knouff

Dugout Ranch – As I was walking through the luscious brush, I came upon a magnificent rock-mass. It was as if it was dug out from an old ranch. I was awestruck by it’s bodacious and prodigious sedimentary peak.

Big Oak – This big knotty oak formally cast it voluptuous shadow across the fair people east of the heart of Moab.

Head to Moab – A beloved eccentric local left me bewildered at the sight of these bohemian renditions of the Moab feel.

Primitive Loop – Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, “that way your a mile away, and you have their shoes” , or so I’ve been told.

Apache Motel – Fun is only 4 blocks away.

Terry Knouff has been loving the Canyonlands country since 1979, and living in it since 1987. But his first love ) is photography. Especially instant photography, the kind the Polaroid Corporation once provided to the world. Those days are past, Polaroid went belly up, and the Canyonlands have , by some estimations, been loved to death. But life goes on, and Terry continues to find enjoyment in the Canyon Country near his home in Moab, Utah, and in the art
of Photography.

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