Portraits of Moab (1988-1993) Part #3

BILL KOCI came to Moab in the late 70s and was a familiar and colorful presence in town for decades. He ran the Parkside Trailer Court until his death in January of this year.  I miss Bill…

MARIE LARKIN, brilliant hair stylist, brought a touch of class to Moab. She now lives in L.A.

COLLEEN COOPER-VANOSDELL first came to Moab with her family as a tourist in the late 1970s. Eventually she moved to Moab.

JIM MAROONEY and his infamous brother Mike ran Dos Amigos Mexican Cantina in the 90s. Celebrated as ‘El Mano Grande,’ Jim was the calmer counterpoint to his exuberant bro. Jim died more than a decade ago of cancer.

BECKY THOMAS lived in Moab for decades. She and Donna Rivette started “Honest Ozzie’s” restaurant in the late 80s. Eventually becky moved to Colorado.

ANNE WILSON was born and raised in Moab/Grand County.  She grew up at Professor Valley Ranch with her sister Lynn  and had maybe the most amazing parents any of us could wish for—Bates and Robin Wilson.  Anne still lives on the ranch with her husband Peter Lawson and  their two children.

TONY OSSUSKY and his brother Bill ran A & B Auto in Moab for years. They were Moab’s answer to NPR’s “Click & Clack” and were always quick with a laugh.

LEW PROUSE, Moab’s postmaster from the late 70s to the early 90s (?).  From the days when being a postmaster in Moab was a relatively non-stressful experience.  Lew retired and, last I heard, spent a lot of time at Lake Powell, but I’ve lost track of him. If you know Lew, tell him to phone home.

KAREN DOWNEY (middle) came to Moab in the early 90s and is still there, at Back of Beyond Books.  In the 90s,  she made her mark at the Cowboy Trading Co.

WILL PETTY, Boy Wonder, came to Moab in the late 80s. He was the only resident in town who had his name decal-ed onto the door of his his pickup truck.
Will now lives in the UK.

SAND SHEFF, brilliant (albeit angst-ridden in this photo) musician/song-writer is still picking and singing, sometimes in Moab.

DAVE LYLE, Moab resident for decades, won a battle against the food chain Wendy’s when they tore apart his yard while building their Main St. restaurant—don’t mess with Dave Lyle’s garden. He’s still there.

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