Portraits of Moab (1988-1993) Part #4…by Jim Stiles

BRIAN O’REILLY  lived in Moab for years and sometimes without a roof over his head. He was a handy man and did odd jobs around town. he gave an hour’s work for an hour’s pay and wouldn’t do it otherwise. He suffered from kidney disease and for years was transported (he didn’t own a car) to Price for dialysis. Finally, Brian said enough. Living like that was not what he wanted. He quit receiving the treatment and died almost ten years ago.


When the Zephyr first ran this photograph of DEVIN VAUGHAN of Tex’s Riverways in Moab, the response from most of the female readership and 3 to 10% of the male readership was overwhelming.  Devin still lives in Moab, still owns Tex with his brother Darren.


, river runner, former manager at OARS, now owns Miguel’s Cantina on Main Street..and a fellow ‘brother.’


Another once familiar face at Dave’s Corner Market was NIELS ADAIR. Niels was the self-proclaimed dark prince of the Black Void & Existential Angst. Here Niels attempts to cast a black spell on the Zephyr publisher. Niels lives in Provo, Utah  these days.


nurse, First Lady of Moab, purveyor of joy, and always cooperative when I tried to take her photograph. Mel and husband, Mayor DAVE SAKRISON are still in Moab.

and his wife LYNN came to Moab in the early 90s and opened Fat City Smokehouse. To this day his ribs and steaks were as good as anything I have ever tasted. Moab probably saw its collective cholesterol count double while fat City was in Moab but none of us cared.  as my old friend BILL BENGE used to say, ‘DAMN…this is good chewin’.”


LANCE CHRISTIE was maybe the smartest man I ever met. He was knowledgable on almost any subject and could converse on those topics for hours and days at a time!!! As notable as his intelligence was his magnanimity. He never  became angry with those who disagreed with him and instead loved to debate the issues of the day with an even hand and an open mind. Lance died just last year and his absence is palpable.


SERENA SUPPLEE is one of Moab’s most noted and successful artists. Her work has been displayed around the world. She has called Moab home for more than three decades.

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2 comments for “Portraits of Moab (1988-1993) Part #4…by Jim Stiles

  1. Brent Swanson
    February 1, 2014 at 11:52 am

    That little caricature of Roger that was on the fortune ticket machine in Fat City–was that your handiwork?

  2. jim stiles
    February 1, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    That was my doodle.

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