A Last Look at the “Pre-Elevated Bikeway RIVER ROAD” (State Route 128)…by Jim Stiles

A Last Look at the “Pre-Elevated Bikeway RIVER ROAD” (State Route 128)
Construction on the $9 million Moab Hub & Elevated River Bikeway began last month.
Here are some photographs we shot of those first two miles as work began. Note the neon flagging…

A year or so from now, when this project is finished, we’ll give you Before & After views, so you can see the changes. Whether you like this project or you hate it, the river road is going to look different. The Elevated Bikeway will stop about a half mile from its intended end, for lack of funds. Proponents are still looking for another $2 million to extend the Bikeway to the mouth of Negro Bill Canyon. According to its fans, there are no current plans to extend the Elevated Bikeway further  up the river road….JS

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